domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2017

“Biggest Problem”

Nowadays old people are considered as one of the “biggest problem” for some countries. Maybe these countries have a reason to be so concerned about it. After all, the old population is not profitable. On the contrary, old people cost so much. They have especially expensive needs. But is that the reason why society treats them like trash? Or in some cases worse than trash because they can´t be recycled. How can sons treat their old men and women like an evil curse?
We all know that the society needs young people. But how can we forget that these old people have been young one day? How can we forget that one day we will probably be old like them? How cannot we see the great wisdom they contain? Perhaps, in some case the society is old now because in the past people worried so much about how to be profitable and they didn’t have time to produce children.
Maybe these countries have no structure to take care of old people I suppose that in the past the old people weren’t abandoned and battered like today. Maybe that is the consequence of evolution. However, I prefer to believe that we could do more and better for them. Now we don’t need them, but we don’t need to forget what they have done for “us”. Even if they didn’t do so much. What about doing for them better than they did for “us”. If we are more evolved and smarter than them we should prove it.
The truth is that a little bit of respect, love and tolerance can resolve half of this “big problem”.

Paula Ribeiro